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As one of the original American Petroleum Institute (API) certified processors, TSC, Inc. has a long standing relationship with the API organization, and thoroughly understands the industry standards and recommended practices set forth by this institution. Our Quality Management System is designed to meet the requirements of specification API:Q1. API performs periodic audits of companies who participate in the licensing program. An API product specification must be followed in order to put the API monogram on every conforming joint. The API monogram is a warranty to our customers that the pipe conforms to the API specifications to which it is processed. For over 30 years our Quality Department has been deeply engrained in API. Our Vice President of Quality is a voting member of the following API groups:

    • Tubular Goods Sub-committee (SC5)
    • Task Group on Oil Country Tubular Goods (TGOCTG)
    • Task Group on Drill Stem Elements (TGDSE)
    • Manufacturers Advisory Group (MAG)
    • Task Group on Threading, Gauging, and Compounds

TSC, Inc. is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality products available. To achieve this, all of our employees adhere to a very formal set of specifications and procedures. Each employee receives both special orientation and specific training to assure complete understanding of our extensive quality program. Each production worker is given our Standard Operating Procedures from which they are trained to perform their job. After an on-the-job training period, each production worker takes a practical examination to ensure that the employee has been successfully trained and thoroughly understands their responsibilities.

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Texas Steel Conversion is an API licensed 5CT processor and 5DP, 7-1 manufacturer.

Texas Steel Conversion’s Quality Management System is in compliance with ISO9001 and API-Q1.